We have added a group of Website Accelerator Instruments in the Web Site Control Panel to assist you to quickly increase the overall performance of your web sites. You won’t have to enhance anything with the backend code or make particular configuration settings that require tech comprehension from you. Inside the Web Site Control Panel, just pick the application you need to employ – Memcached, Varnish and Node.js and set up an instance for it. It is all carried out with a mouse click. By accelerating your websites, you’ll not just stop your visitors from being forced to hang on but will also make your web site climb high in search results.

You will find the Website Accelerator Instruments in the Advanced Resources part of your Web Site Control Panel.


RAM–caching as an alternative to data–base calls

The Memcached system is fantastic for boosting website loading speeds by storing the database info that is inquired from your site visitors. It is an amazing distributed memory caching system, allowing for info and objects to be memorized within the RAM as an alternative to getting loaded when an individual goes to a webpage.

This system is great for your data–base–driven web sites or apps in which your visitors dedicate plenty of time exploring and reading content. Memcached is found in the advanced resources part of the Web Site Control Panel.

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RAM–caching as opposed to HTTP requests

For those of you who have content–intense busy websites with a lot of images and also video clips, you’ll undoubtedly have to make sure that your web pages work really fast for your visitors. An exceptional tool you could use is the Varnish HTTP acceleration application that will help you quicken your websites without requesting you to possess any specific technical knowledge.

Varnish caches all calls towards the web server inside the server’s RAM and delivers the webpages speedily to the website visitor by evading new requests for the hosting server. By doing this, the pages on your web site will be loaded 300 – 1000x times more quickly to your visitors. You can even select if the inbound queries will be handled by Varnish, or by the server, etcetera.

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A great way to build up adaptable web apps

If you desire to create an app, be certain to have the tools you need at hand at once, without having to search, assemble and have them installed. Our Web Site Control Panel can help you save both the cash and time, by providing you with the resources you will want right when you need it.

The Node.js application will allow for coders, no matter if they’re pros or not, to build up flexible network applications and sites. It is based on the Google V8 JavaScript engine along with the libUV. Node.js takes advantage of an event–based, non–blocking I/O pattern that makes it light as well as productive, great for data–loaded live web apps operating through distributed devices.

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