In the Lovenote Websites Web Site Control Panel you’ll find a user friendly Web–site Builder application, that you can use to make your brand new web site. Lovenote Websites’s Site Builder features more than 100 distinctive website templates, found in different color choices, that you could modify to your taste. To make a new site, you won’t need to learn HTML, PHP, CSS or other programming language. All you need to be aware of is how to make use of the intuitive manager with the Web–site Builder. You can use it to quickly make brand–new webpages, edit their details, insert completely new components to your site and much more.

An Intuitive Site Builder

No programming knowledge is required

Few people has the free time and capacity to find out how to set up a personal or company website completely from scratch. This is why, Lovenote Websites offers a really simple, user–friendly web–site building application that will help you get your web site on the Internet in just a few minutes. It functions with more than 1 hundred turn–key design templates that you can personalize the way you like.

Using the Website Builder, you don’t need to know HTML, CSS or other language to make your own website. If, nevertheless, you need help employing the builder, you can check out the step–by–step training videos or help articles.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

An array of Site Design Templates

You’ll find more than 100 web themes

Our company offers over a hundred layout templates with different coloring schemes and various styles. By doing this, you can easily make your website exclusive from the very start. You could add extra webpages, reorganize their hierarchy, and so on.

In case you no longer enjoy the appearance of your web site, you can easily replace the design template, the color plan and the design at any time. The current content will be saved and will appear on the new web template instantaneously.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Training Videos

See how quick it is to generate a website

The Site Builder has a variety of video tutorials that will assist you from the point of starting up the application, to changing your current web pages. The instructional videos are made as per the most commonly asked questions regarding our Website Builder in order to cover what users really need to learn.

If you’d like more assistance, you should also have a look at our detailed courses or communicate with the 24x7 support department.

Video Tutorials